Celsius believe that on any project there should be no accidents or incidents if all staff and sub-contractors are fully aware of the Health and Safety legislation and abide by the ethos of a safe project is a successful project.

This underlines the Company approach to Health & Safety in the workplace. Where Celsius undertakes the role of Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) or Principal Contractor it has additional responsibilities for the management of safety on site.

The Company recognises that work accidents and work related health problems cause suffering to the persons affected and possible financial loss to them and the Company. The Company and its employees have a common interest in minimising the possibility of accidents and ill effects on health.

The Company aims to continually improve its safety and health performance by taking a pro-active approach to the management of safety and health as an integral part of managing a successful business.

Management have received training in Occupational Health & Safety through NISO and all foremen are trained in first aid. All staff on site have manual handling, abrasive wheel, MEWP, alloy tower, fire extinguishing training as a standard.