Client:             Irish Medicine Board 

Consultant:      Seha Technical Services 

Contractor:      Manley Construction 

Project Managers: Gardiner & Theobald 

Duration:         4 months 

Contract Type: Mechanical



In November 2012, Celsius Mechanical were awarded the mechanical contract on this project in which a two story extension is to be built onto an existing 4 story building. The project will comprise of 900 m2 of cellular and open space offices. 

The mechanical design consists of heat recovery units bringing fresh air to ceiling concealed air-conditioning units, diffusing the air through linear slot diffusers and returning the air through the ceiling plenum. Supplementary heating is provided at the windows with low level floor mounted radiators. The will be a central controller on each floor with individual offices also have a wall controller. 

Connections to the existing LPHW, water, soils and waste and controls systems will be done by keeping these systems live during working hours as the rest of the building will remain occupied during the construction stage. 

The services provided under this contract included LPHW, Water, AC, Ventilation, BMS Controls.